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We recruit people with a wide variety of skills, educational backgrounds, work history and cultures. We could be looking for you right now.

At Triad Staffing Solutions we place a premium value on our talent pool. We dig deeper and work harder to discover your career history, capabilities, personal style and desired corporate culture. We derive great satisfaction from the positive impact we have had on the careers and personal lives of our candidates.

Our commitment to you is to give you a thorough appraisal of our ability to place you, and to refer you only to positions for which you meet all specifications. We respect your time. We also give great consideration to "fit." You need to be the right person for the job and the job right for you. Our team members are committed to providing 100% confidentiality to all of our candidates, and to act in the collective best interest of all parties. Throughout the recruitment process, you will have every opportunity to discuss your career objectives candidly, and in complete confidence. Finding jobs, it is what we do.

People Are Our Business.

Submitting Resumes

Step 1:

E-mail your resume to us for review against current job openings.


Step 2:

In addition to your resume, including a brief cover sheet with additional information will further assist us in qualifying you for current and future job opportunities. Pertinent information includes such items as position objective, why you are currently seeking other employment, salary requirements, if you will relocate and to what areas; special skills, proficiency in other languages, etc. Please highlight contact information including an e-mail address and the best time to reach you.

Tip of the Week
Need additional training? Call your local community college. They may have grants to offer free courses!