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Triad Staffing Solutions, Inc.

Technical & Professional Recruiting

Company Background

Triad Staffing Solutions, Inc. is an experienced contingency search and recruiting firm specializing in automotive, chemical, medical device, consumer product and general manufacturing industries. We take pride in how we conduct our business. Additionally, we work with the highest ethics and a commitment to become effective representatives of our client companies and the candidates we place.

Networking is the difference

Triad Staffing is a member of Inter-City Personnel Associates, Inc. (IPA), the nation's number one network of personnel professionals.

Along with other strategic alliances we have entered into with both domestic and international firms, we have the ability to source and place skilled personnel and also to identify key positions across the United States and Canada.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with our clients and candidates by providing a high quality, value based service. We help our clients fill vital job openings by presenting both our clients and our represented candidates with accurate information, while maintaining the spirit of cooperation and a mutual respect for all.

We realize that matching a resume with a job is only a small part of recruiting a valuable employee. We use an extensive array of techniques such as search, networking, and computerized databases, to provide state-of-the-art recruitment services to corporate clients nationwide.

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